Open recruitment, cash for ration in Police Dept?

Open recruitment, cash for ration in Police Dept?

Kohima, March 24: After failing to take corrective measure as the Chief Minister for the last four year, TR Zeliang on assuming the Leader of Opposition office suggested that the Government should adopt measures to check siphoning of money provided for ration of jawans and also to conduct open recruitment in police department.
While Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio accepted Zeliang’s suggestion, he however quipped, “I wish you as the CM had taken the corrective measures in your time”.
Earlier concluding the debate on Governor’s address from the Opposition bench, Zeliang said the Army and Assam Rifles have open recruitment and therefore the Government should give priority to have open recruitment for police jawans so that the fittest people are employed into the force.
“But if we allow backdoor appointment and if we allow random appointment we will not get deserving service from our police jawans,” Zeliang said while expressing the hope that since then Home Minister Y Patton is continuing with the same portfolio as the Deputy CM, he would make the changes and streamline the system in recruitment of police.
“We should go for open recruitment so that we will get the right people to the right job,” he said.
Further, Zeliang said that supply of ration to the jawans is another area of concern where funds are siphoned off by certain unethical suppliers, thereby depriving the jawans of their rightful share of ration.
Appreciating the performance of jawans, he however regretted “But we are not doing justice to them.”
According to supply order awarded to suppliers they (jawans) are supposed to get fish, mutton, chicken etc but they never get such in the camp, he said.
“They are provided with vegetables, dal whereas the bill is prepared for mutton, chicken and pork… we are spending huge amount on police ration,” he said.
In other states, if we compare the expenditure on jawans by payment of cash, they pay Rs 1200-1500, we are spending more than Rs 2000 in the form of supply of ration, he said.
He said that expenditure was double but the jawans are not getting what they deserve to get as per order.
In this, Zeliang suggested that the system should be changed by making cash payment to jawans so they can use the same according to what they want.
He said supply system is not only siphoning the state fund but also punishing the jawans who are working for the state.
“Every jawan will be happy to accept cash and not in the form of ration supply,” he added.
Zeliang said police are the only security for the state, adding that they are the people who will protect our life and property… we should take care of our jawans who are already in service,” he said.
Responding to Zeliang’s suggestions, Rio assured that the Government will take corrective measures.
“I think we have to thoroughly check that we provide the best rations, clothing to our jawans,” he said adding that because of the police personnel ” we can sleep peacefully we can do our activities with peace of mind.
“You (Zeliang) as the Chief Minister found out the mistakes about purchase of uniforms and supply of ration in police department. We will take corrective measures but “I wish you as the CM had taken the corrective measures in your time,” the Chief Minister quipped. (Page News Service)