The Hon’ble Governor
Raj Bhavan, Kohima , Nagaland.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister
Government of Nagaland.

Sub:- Request for designation of Nodal Officers in different cities in the wake of racially motivated incidents befalling North-Eastern populace (read Nagaland citizens) in the name of COVID-19.
Acknowledging the initiatives being carried out by the State Government in containing the COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to put forth a humble submission as a concerned citizen who has been an active social worker in Delhi for more than a decade.
In the wake of the frightful crippling pandemic that is now rapidly spreading within India there are reports of many incidents of harassment being meted out on Northeast populace in different parts of the country. One very unfortunate case was the case in Ahmedabad some days back when some Nagaland girls were confined in the hospital despite tests turning up negative after some anonymous report of them being Chinese and carrying corona virus. Another incident was that of a young girl from Manipur who was yesterday spat on and called Corona virus at Vijay Nagar. North Delhi. Then also there are reports of Oriental looking citizens including Nagaland tribal’s being asked to vacate their rooms and rented accommodations for ignorant sense of fear by residents, while cases of some students being stuck with no accommodation facility either in their hostels or hotels due to lockdowns.
Such is the situation that for those who are outside the state or region , we are fighting a two headed monster of the pandemic corona virus on one side and on the other side the virus of Racism.
Taking into account these barrages of incidents, it’ll be a welcome step if through your kind authority, Officials can be designated as Nodal Officers around cities and states where there are Nagaland citizens. The officials can carry out liaison with the concerned local authorities in such cases.
Your’s Sincerely
Dimapur, Nagaland/New Delhi

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