Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Open letter to Governor and Chief Minister of Nagaland

With due respect and honor, we the Akhoya Youth Organization would like to bring to your notice that the Changtongya – Longleng highway road construction from zero point to 321 meter has still not been started because of some ensuing technicalities. In this regard, we beseech your authority in expediting the aforementioned road construction by the concerned government authority following all the highway and technical norms.
Sir, with regards to the Changtongya – Longleng road construction from zero point to 321 meter, the Akhoya Village Council and the Akhoya Youth Organization has been in constant communication with the state highway department administration and NHIDCL through numerous representations since 2013. Further, on 27th Sept. 2019, the Akhoya village Council, Land owners union and Akhoya Youth Organization had a joint meeting with the Phom People’s Council (PPC) and after thoroughly surveying the zero point, made an agreement that all the works related to the Changtongya – Longleng road correction will be carried out together with mutual understanding for a common cause. Later, officers from the office of Chief Engineer, Govt. of Nagaland visited the place for spot verification. On 11th December 2019, the Chief Engineer wrote to the Commissioner and Secretary to the govt. of Nagaland, Works and housing, and informed them about doing the aforementioned work.
Following this, the DC Mokokchung along with DGM (NHIDCL) visited the spot and after thoroughly surveying the spot sent the spot verification report to Commissioner Kohima through DC, Mokokchung. On 20th June 2020, without any spot verification, a list for damage compensation was sent to the Akhoya land owners from NHIDCL, but the list contained only 40% of the land owners’ names and the rest (60%) names were missing. Therefore the Akhoya Land Owners Union summarily rejected the damage compensation list given by NHIDCL and No Objection Certificate (NOC) was not issued.
Following this, on 3rd Oct. 2020, the DC, Mokokchung called the Akhoya Village Council and Akhoya Youth Organization for a meeting which was held in the presence of DC and SDO(C), Mkg, SDO(C), Changtongya, EE NH, Mkg and NHIDCL, wherein, the Akhoya Village Council and Akhoya Youth Organization shared their constraints and requirements regarding the present issue. However, on 20th November, 2020 the DC, Mkg verbally informed the Akhoya Village Council, that the demands for zero point intersection correction cannot be made.
Therefore, considering the Highway construction rules and norms, if the state government does not work taking into consideration the needs and plight of the people, we the Akhoya villagers will never accept such unethical activities. Therefore, it is required to the government to monitor and expedite the present issue at the earliest for the benefit of all.

L. Temjen Wapang K. Moatoshi
President General Secretary
Akhoya Youth Organization Akhoya Youth Organization

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