Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Open letter to Department of Power

It is a well known fact that meteorologically, Dimapur, being a plain area, is one of the hottest places in the entire State of Nagaland. Considering this fact and that this is the peak of the summer season, we are all at the mercy of a constant and uninterrupted supply of electricity which is required to run the fans, refrigerators and ACs in addition to pumping water, notwithstanding the fact that it is required for many other essential services including those related to schools, colleges, hospitals and other emergency services.
But, it is very sad and frustrating to note that the Power Department has become very callous and has not taken due cognizance of the above mentioned facts and has chose to remain complacent to the distress of the people of the state, especially of Dimapur. The last few weeks in Dimapur have been utterly nerve-wrecking for the denizens of Dimapur as the power-cuts and outages have been more frequent and irregular. And we have the least clue as to what is actually the reason for the same as the Power Department has not given any satisfactory public clarification for this situation. Earlier the department used to notify through the newspapers about any planned and regular Load-Sheddings. But as of now, the situation does not seem at all like normal Load-Sheddings but more like some big-scale and well-orchestrated malice or prank.
I, on behalf of the denizens of Dimapur especially would like to represent this very pertinent cause of the students and patients in emergency and ICU wards of various hospitals that are facing the maximum brunt of this irregularity in Power supply in the sweltering summer heat without the fans or sometimes even without drinking water. A majority of the schools and colleges are not fortunate enough to afford generators or invertors. Even schools with generators are running short of resources as the generators have to run on diesel and it becomes very difficult to maintain a regular supply of diesel due to the sky-rocketing price of fuels. How can we expect to produce quality students when their educational needs are not fulfilled? Educational needs include a conducive atmosphere for learning to take place, which is a far cry right now in many schools due to the rampant power outages for long durations, sometimes even for 6-8 hours at a stretch. Students are not even able to do their regular studies at home due to this very problem at hand. It is rather very unfortunate that despite the tall claims of the government, the common people are not even getting 12 hours of constant and uninterrupted power supply.
The plight of patients in emergency and ICU wards of hospitals in Dimapur is even worse. Doctors are not able to perform critical surgeries in the wake of such power crisis. The hospital staff is also not able to give their genuine services as many diagnostic and medical types of equipment are run on continuous power supply which is a matter of life and death for many patients undergoing serious treatments in the ICUs and emergency wards.
It is a matter of grave concern that cold storages in Dimapur are totally dependent on uninterrupted and constant power supply to keep the perishable goods including fish, vegetables and other day to day utilities fresh and available for public consumption. Moreover, the power fluctuation is at its peak during the night time which is adding to the inconvenience faced by the general public who are already overwhelmed by the surmounting heat of the summer season. Many electrical and electronic equipments are getting damaged due to the constant fluctuation of power supply which is far from being constant and stable as we have been witnessing since the last few months. It is utterly frustrating that during night time when we require maximum supply of power, the electricity supply remains in some localities only for about 15 minutes to half an hour at a stretch while power outages continue relentlessly for hours. Due to this, people are undergoing sleepless nights and how can we therefore expect those people to work efficiently the next day when they are forced to undergo such sleepless nights.
It is not our intention to point our fingers at anyone but we just want the Power Department to be more emphatic and understanding towards the sad plight of the citizens facing the onslaught of intermittent power outages. Imagine the condition of the common people including ailing patients in government hospitals, school going children and old people in this unwarranted situation of rampant power failures in the peak of summer for no fault of theirs! We just want the officials concerned to take your stand in this matter as the Department of Power is one of the most vital elements of societal development and growth. We can no longer remain mute spectators to this crisis and overwhelming situation brought about by undue laxity on the part of the Power Department. It is seen that the government departments and agencies take the general public of Nagaland for a ride as most of the common people do not raise their voices against such unjust practices.
We therefore make this fervent appeal to the Department of Power to immediately take up necessary steps towards the restoration of normalcy in the power supply, especially in Dimapur, and to ensure uninterrupted power supply so that the grievances of the common people can be redressed at the earliest.

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