Friday, June 18, 2021
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Open letter of appreciation the Governor of Nagaland

Hon ‘able Governor,

Governors have come and Governor, including a Christian, has come and gone; No other Governor from India had two decades and three year’s experience of the turbulent Nagas as you have. Providence has given you the longest tenure.

The citizens of Nagaland heartily welcome the measures you introduced last week. Unusual Situations, demand Unusual Measures. A decisive clear majority in Nagaland knows the measures you introduced, are good. We know it in our hearts.

Governments outside the Constitution have no Right to levy tax in the State. There is only one constitutional State in the territory of Nagaland and no other. One Government: One Tax. 


Thank you Governor.


Yours sincerely.

Angami Thehou

  1. Kethozhapu Sahu.
  2. Vimeho Khazo.
  3. Dr. Salie Iralu.
  4. Tsilie Sakhrie.
  5. Thepfülhoucha Kinyü.
  6. Ningusie Meyase.
  7. Zasilhoutuo Makritsü.
  8. Siekuolie Mezhier.
  9. Kevisiezolie Suo.
  10. Thepfulhouvi Solo.


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