Opang Jamir releases new music video

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Opang Jamir has released a new music video, “How Beautiful You Really Are” through his official YouTube channel ‘OpangJamirOfficial’.
Although he spent a major part of his career as the frontman of one of Nagaland’s well appreciated band ‘Avancer’ and also one half of the pop duo ‘The Twin Effect’, Jamir enjoys making personal projects in his spare time.
The latest release is an ode to loved ones. The song was written by Jamir and produced by Avizo Solo. It’s a new experimental sound for Jamir and a sharp contrast from his earlier works of alternative rock infused with pop hooks.
Focusing on the message and lyrics rather than a chorus hook, the latest release with its simplicity in presentation offers more room for taste and experimentation for future sound.
The music video is made in collaboration with videographer Bendangtuba Longkumer and has been kept visually simple, showing everyday people in happiness and appreciating life as the song intended.
The track also offers an insight into the musician’s maturation over the years both as an artist and as a vocalist.