Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Onus more on BJP to deliver Solution, says NSF

Nagaland News

Our Spl Correspondent
KOHIMA/NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 2: The BJP is the ruling party in Delhi and is also a partner in the State Governmen; hence the onus is more on the saffron party than any other party to deliver a lasting peace and solution to the Naga issue, says the influential Naga Students’ Federation (NSF).
“Quarrels over the spoils of history are not the desired method to serve a solution on the Naga issue”, a senior NSF office bearer said commenting on the state of affairs and the manner the political leaders are handling the situation.
He said, as of now it is very much clear that the BJP is in the ruling Government in Nagaland and also the key party in power in Delhi. Thus, the onus is on the BJP to deliver peace and solution.
“Moreover, in 2018, more than any other party, it is the BJP which had promised Election for Solution.”
Asked to comment whether the NSF also believed that some political elements were out to delay and derail the peace process, the apex students’ body said ~ in the ultimate what counts more is who is in the position to deliver.
“Ultimately we all know Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a BJP leader and is undisputed leader in his party; so it is them who should deliver.”
To a question, the NSF leader said in the past many mistakes have been committed including by the Congress party.
“One Naga leader in the Congress party had said the 16-Point Agreement was one of the “nicest things” to have happened to Nagas. These versions are misleading as in saying these, we know there are attempts to brainwash the Nagas. This is not acceptable”, he said.
The student leader said, “It had to be understood that there are power-hungry people like in any community who want to push their sell-out sermons on history.”