Friday, July 30, 2021
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Only Myanmar returnees within Niki’s group counted: WC NNPGs

The argument of Gen. Niki Sümi that he listened to the appeal made by Naga tribes and civil societies for peace and to accept honourable and acceptable settlement is valid. That he has no political agenda is appreciated. The problem is on the ground. If his intention is what he says, why is he inviting and decorating vagabonds, social outcasts, petty thieves, multiple defectors, rank/position collectors, proven traitors and morally bankrupt elements into his fold? This is detrimental and demeaning to Niki Sumi himself and the Naga issue at large. The new recruits and runaway workers are killing businesses and entrepreneurship through taxation in Dimapur and other towns. The Naga public in general and business community in particular have had enough of these unprincipled elements. They will be identified. Even footpath vendors surviving from hand to mouth during pandemic are not spared by these social parasites acting as Niki’s collectors. There is no patriotism, morality, ethics or decency to call themselves national workers.
The WC, NNPGs is absolutely clear that all post-Dec. 26, 2020 recruits of Niki Sümi’s group are men of questionable characters, conducts and reputations and, therefore, will never be considered as Naga patriots in any manner. All defectors must return to their original organisations. WC, NNPGs is firm that Niki Sümi must walk the talk and find a way to think and act for future Naga generations.
Pitch forked by Indian military at a rendezvous and surrendered or otherwise, WC do not wish any Naga group to be destroyed by hastily gathered non revolutionary elements.
WC, NNPGs will count only pre-Dec.26, 2020 Myanmar returnees of Niki’s group, numbering sixty odd, as genuine workers deserving any respect. On this resolution, WC appeals to all Tribal Hohos, Civil societies and the Church to understand the fragile situation created by abnormal and forceful taxation by dubious collectors of Niki’s group.
The tolerance of Naga tribes and civil societies against this atrocious existence and activities as a Naga political group is baffling given the fact that Indo-Naga negotiations have concluded as on 31st Oct. 2019, agreed and declared by all negotiating parties.
The Government of India (GOI), on its part, cannot effort isolating and betraying Naga people yet again. The surrendered group must be confined to camps according to agreed terms, away from civilian population and commercial centres like Dimapur or Kohima. Currently, Purana Bazaar and Padumpukhri colonies in Dimapur, where the group is housed, have become a militarised zone guarded by Indian paramilitary and IRB. Locals have expressed deep anger and resentment over daily frisking and harassment of innocent public at every alley on the area. Is this a way to guard a group pursuing peace? Why are innocent public harassed constantly and randomly in the name of peace? This policy had never worked on the Nagas.
Naga tribes have declared a solemn desire to resolve the Indo-Naga issue in consonance with our distinct history and identity. To humiliate Naga history and right with political trickery would be an unforgivable crime against indigenous Nagas.
WC, NNPGs would leave no stone unturned to ensure peace prevails in Nagaland. Maximum restraint is applied however, when called to salvage people’s interest, it will act.
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