Thursday, January 21, 2021

Online message marks Father’s Day celebration in Nagaland

Dimapur, June 21: With the impact of Coronavirus virus pandemic worldwide, father’s day could not be celebrated unlike the previous years as most of the Churches remain closed in Kohima.
Few Churches in Kohima town were open to the members to attend the services. Following the protocol given guidelines, the church arranged handwashing and sanitizers in front of the entrance.
In Faith Harvest Church, Kohima some members attended the church. Rest of the members attended through online live Youtube streamline. They also had a virtual cake cutting ceremony for the fathers who were watching through live online.
In his message to the Fathers, Rev. Shan Kikon, senior Pastor Faith Harvest Church said, “Your voice is important to your children, so speak good news to your children.”
“Tell them you are amazing, smart, I love you, I support you. In life you will go through difficulty, but do not give up. You have the ability and you can do it. Be present with children, love your children spectacles ways as father,” he added.
Pastor Akumtila Kikon, worship director, Faith Harvest Church said, “Fathers are like the foundation of our building, we usually do not see the foundation, its hiding beneath the ground. But they are the strengths and the pillars of our family’s and our hope.”
In Kohima, Union Christian Revival Church(UCRC), New Market road celebrated Father’s Day with gift packages for the fathers and deliver special sermon for the fathers.
Zhabu Gwirie, Pastor UCRC highlights how father’s day celebrations start to commemorate and honour fathers around the world. He said many people acknowledge their Father’s efforts and contributions towards their life, while for some who have lost their father, it becomes a day of remembrance for their father. (Page News Service)