Ongoing four-lane project works causing dust pollutions: MTYO

Ongoing four-lane project works causing dust pollutions: MTYO

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Dimapur, April 8: Medziphema Town Youth Organisation (MTYO) hasstated that it was compelled to publish grievances of the people particularly on hazardous dust pollution caused from the ongoing four-lane project works due to the continued lackadaisical, self-centred attitude of the ECI company, who is the contractor working between Patkai bridge and Piphema.
The MTYO said it has confirmed that “public leaders have repeatedly appealed to the company for watering the whole stretch of road under construction but till date, ECI barely waters Zero point area of the Town once or twice in a day which again, is done haphazardly thereby drying up within minutes of spray-watering.”
“As a responsible contractor, it must abide by the rules of the work order, MoU, etc. as also other humanitarian obligation and take responsibility to water and keep the whole stretch of road-cutting works free from dust at anytime of the day,” stated the press release issued by MTYO.
It noted that ECI “has not taken effective action of watering the length and breadth of road-cutting areas” on its part despite repeated appeals by various public leaders and organisations of Medziphema since the work began late last year.
“Among those who have already approached the contractor with officially written requests include Medziphema Village Council, Medziphema Town Mechü Krotho, Medziphema Town Youth Organisation, Chairmans’ Forum, Medziphema Area Villages, and Ward 4 & 5, Medziphema Town,” the release added.
Expressing its utmost resentment on dust pollution, MTYO revealed that it had discussed the pertinent issue with ECI officials on a number of occasions both in written as well as verbal but which “has fallen on deaf ears till today.”
It further disclosed that dust pollution related diseases have taken a heavy toll on the denizens particularly children which can be aptly authenticated from the lone hospital in town or even from medicine outlets, pharmacies, health workers, etc.
In this regard, MTYO has said it cannot compromise the rights of people and as such, warned the ECI to initiate and implement appropriate measures to arrest the unprecedented level of dust pollution along the whole stretch in its jurisdiction at the earliest without excuses.
It further stated that the whole stretch of road should remain moist or dust-free, a prerequisite in the work order, which otherwise, has serious health implications. While stating that any attempt by ECI to prolong a negligent attitude may even lead to unforeseen, ugly incidents, the same has informed that ECI should be responsible to settle matters for a cordial relationship with the public in such a situation.
MTYO has meanwhile, requested media houses to conduct further detailed survey and report on the serious health implications of dust pollution for humans, which can be an eye-opener for the people. (Page News Service)