Sunday, June 20, 2021
Page Mail

On withdrawal of SPG from the Gandhi family

Dear Madam,
Far from expressing disgust following the decision of withdrawal of SPG cover for her and family or criticising the Narendra Modi government for it(though there lies no guarantee that the family is free from all threats to life); Sonia Gandhi has not only maintained her immense dignity, she has also thanked the force wholeheartedly for accomplishing it’s responsibility to the full since 1991!
In these times of vitiated political environment where foul talk, rhetoric, personal attack, mud slinging and character assassination of “adversaries” have become the norm; Sonia Gandhi, as usual, has again stood tall among the debris of Indian politics and displayed what the essence of civility is all about!
Be it forsaking the platter of Prime ministership in 2004 (though as an Indian citizen, she was fully eligible to don the highest executive chair) to prompt resignation from Member of Parliament following office-of-profit controversy and getting herself re-elected —- Sonia Gandhi is nothing but a picture of ethics principle values and poise also, the likes of whom are becoming extinct with each passing day.
It is high time Indians learn to choose their leaders by appreciating the true worth in them and reject those self-obsessed megalomaniac chest-thumpers who are nothing but empty drums sounding much with shrill voices whose only task is to exhibit one cheap stunt after another by riding on the vulgar horse of hatred and intolerance.
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.