Sunday, April 11, 2021
Page Mail

On traffic problems in Dimapur

Dear Madam,
The movement of trucks on busy roads during the day adds to lots of traffic problems as there are already hundreds of small vehicles and autorickshaws on the road. With the city roads in Dimapur getting narrower day by day with the increase in number of vehicles, the movement of trucks and buses on some roads in the town area is creating lots of inconveniences. With exceptions can be made to Army vehicles and School Buses, the goods carrying vehicles needs to be restricted during the day time, especially during the peak hours. This will help in easing traffic to a great extent in Dimapur. The traffic department should also deploy more policemen on the roads to manage traffic instead of engaging 4-5 traffic policemen at places to collect ‘fines’ from two-wheelers and auto-rickshaws, which has also been responsible for traffic jams in many places. This needs to be checked.
John Ao, Dimapur