On traffic problems in Dimapur


Dear Madam,
Dimapur’s evergrowing traffic problem has multiplied recently with traffic jams for hours are seen in many places. The only road connecting Dimapur town to Purana Bazaar has an Old Overbridge and a bridge over river Dhansiri. This road is always jammed with large number of vehicles passing through. Of late, the renovation of the road and Overbridge is causing immense problems to the commuters as traffic jams continues for hours. With no other alternate route, the commuters have to bear the inconveniences. The Government of the day should think of constructing Flyover bridges in Dimapur to ease traffic, otherwise in few years from now, it would be difficult to ply vehicles in Dimapur district. The government should also direct the contractors to speed up the construction of bridges over Dhansiri and Nagarjan river so that traffic can be diverted through those routes.
Temsu, Dimapur