Sunday, September 26, 2021
Page Mail

On throwing of garbage

Dear Madam,
No doubt, some initiatives have been taken by the Dimapur MunicipalCouncil and the Better Dimapur, Clean Dimapur teams to keep Dimapur town clean and their initiatives have yielded results. But if we go around in the town and see today, we find lots of garbage dumped here and there. Even those places, which used to be clean is now filled with garbage. The small dustbins placed at different places of the town is filled within minutes of being emptied and the litters are all around again. The ugly scene is at Nyamo Lotha Road, just near New Market where garbage is thrown in the open. If it continues, there would be no meaning to have a drinking water facility cum clock tower at the same place, which is under construction now. The people needs to develop civic sense and unless they are sensitized, things will never be better.
Shibu Ghosh, Dimapur