Friday, May 31, 2024
Page Mail

On the demise of Stan Swamy

Dear Madam,
The passing away of Stan Swamy in harshest of conditions is not only a very tragic day for the “Anti-national” Indians who are still left with traits named humanity and compassion within hearts; also it is an unfathomable loss for the poorest of poor marginalised deprived exploited souls whose all norms of human rights, honour and dignity are ruthlessly trampled under feet by the elite rich powerful and “educated”.
“Life was his key word. Stan fought for the right of life so that everyone gets the joy of life. I never found him compromising on this” — excellently said Miners’ Rights Activist XAVIER DIAS!
Indeed it seems that this great humanitarian of egalitarian mindset had arrived in this Class-conscious society driven by Inequality, Dominance over the weak and the “philosophy” of “MIGHT IS RIGHT” … perhaps a few centuries earlier !
So despite such cruelty upon the octogenarian suffering from Parkinson’s disease; barring few exceptional individuals, activists and groups — the “mainstream” or overwhelming section of population preferred to look the other way and remained immersed in consumerism, sports and films!
With each passing day, the society is perhaps turning more and more cruel and selfish. Surely we didn’t deserve this Swamy !
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.