On tackling terrorists


Dear Madam,
Terrorists of Pulwama deserve not only highest form of condemnation, they should be hanged to death also if caught. Those who don’t respect human rights of others should not expect the same for themselves also. Without politicising the issue, all Indian citizens and political parties should protest against the terrorists unitedly and stand by the Government of India in this hour of crisis. But this positive attitude needs to be emulated in all cases of killings irrespective of the number of victims — 40 or 1.
However when a minor bomb blast occurred in a village located in Burdwan district of West Bengal killing 2 bomb-makers in 2014; not only was the West Bengal Government taken to task for its “failure” in tackling the stray lumpen elements, it was also suggested that Trinamool Congress is in “friendly” terms with them or “hobnobbing with terrorists” ! Bengal was crudely projected as “sponsor/fertile ground of terrorists”! What an insult to the land and community whose sacrifice for the sake of Indian independence is second to none!
Again when Darjeeling Hills was in flames for months in 2017 with violence all around and the Bengal police officer Amitava Malik shot to death by the separatists demanding Gorkhaland; instead of protesting against the killers and the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha leaders — all criticism was directed towards Mamata Banerjee, Bengal Government, TMC and “imperialist” Bengalis only! This hypocrisy needs to be stopped. Whenever any terror incident happens whereever in India, all should unitedly protest against the terrorists only and support the respective Government without any ifs and buts.
Terrorists are Terrorists — Be it domestic or from foreign lands. They have no religion or nationality also. And no country or region in the whole world has succeeded in taming 100% terrorists or terrorist activities. So such gory incidents should never be politicised or communalised. In the same vein, the “revenge” attacks in Jammu upon innocent people is equally condemnable.
Instead of directing accusing fingers towards the concerned authorities, any community or country; all should take vow to jointly fight this menace threatening humanity as a whole. And those who used to barbarically condemn Manmohan Singh Government for its “failure” in tackling terrorists when they used to show their deadly fangs between 2004-2014 should also remember this matter of decency sanity and rationality.
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.