Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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On re-organization of Naga Hoho

We the undersigned are constrained to issue this statement in view of the various statements recently published in the Local Dailies and meeting convened by the so called Executive Council of Naga Hoho on 16th August which was postponed to 23rd August 2019 at Hotel Mutsuben Mokokchung. It is basically to clarify and give an actual picture to the affairs of Naga Hoho for all to understand the reality of the situation.
It is quite unfortunate and regrettable that owing to the matters that transpired or conspired in the tenure under the presidentship of Eno. Chuba Ozukum most of the Tribe Organisations as constituent units of Naga Hoho declared disassociation from it at one or the other point of time and thus there is no organisation with it from the present state of Nagaland as of now.
As we are all aware, some of these organisation meant well and expressed views in consonant with the Yezhabo(Constitution) of the Hoho which basic principle is to bring the Naga people together and foster social harmony and protect the interest of the Naga people as a whole.
But it is apparent that the present so-called Executive Council of Naga Hoho has no regard or respect for the Yezhabo and what it stands for.
Actually, the tenure of Naga Hoho 2013-18 expired on 26th Nov. 2018 and for any extension it warrants the decision of the Federal Assembly. Therefore, the present incumbents have no mandate to continue as it violates the constitutional provisions not to speak of convening meetings. All decision taken must be treated null and void.
The only way forward will be for the federal organs to come together as a Federal Assembly and resolve the matter, whereof a full-fledged Naga Hoho can be re-organised and its mandate reposed.
It is an ardent appeal to all the Naga tribe organisations to give serious concern and act so as to bring about understanding amongst ourselves keeping in mind the ideals of Nagas living together as people and face our issues with truth and principles-Especially at this crucial point of time when we are in a political cross-roads we need to voice out in unison.
We must remember that every Naga from any walk of life is a stakeholder in the Naga Hoho, thus opinions and constructive criticism from naga leaders are solicited for our interest. Therefore, all references to the Naga Hoho should not be taken as negativity as observed by the sharp reaction given by the present incumbents to the opinion shared by the present Chief Minister, Nagaland. Rather, it is an appeal to all Naga leaders, be it politicians, National workers, bureaucrats, social workers.. etc, etc to come forward in contributing toward building a common platform and consolidating ourselves.
KENYUSENG TEP                                                             MUTSIKHOYO YHOBU
Speaker, NH                                                                        Former General Secretary, NH

KEVILETUO KEWHUO                                                    RÜNGUTUO SECHÜ
Former President, NH                                                       Former Finance Secretary, NH

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