Sunday, April 11, 2021
Page Mail

On quota politics

Dear Madam,
Since poverty is not the sole preserve of the “lower” castes and being creamy not the monopoly of “upper” castes only; so in the prevailing caste-obsessed realities in the society, extension of reservation for the economically-weaker section of the “upper” castes is fair enough.
However had the concerned authorities, be it in Centre or states, been indeed serious in ensuring welfare for all Indians; then it should have ensured the provision of reservation for one and only the financially downtrodden section of the society irrespective of their demographic background(and of course with due regard to the quality and efficiency of the candidates to be recruited through such quota).
But in this country of “We are all Indians”; not compassionate attitude towards the poor or downtrodden — but one and only all things religion race language caste sub-caste tribe sell like hot cake! And thanks to such laggard divisive mindset; with each passing day, India is getting fragmented psychologically on the lines of various demographic hues making a mockery of the so-called unity of the country or Indian ethos!
Thus it hardly arrives as a surprise that instead of ensuring welfare and upliftment of all Indians, various parties and Governments are acting as messiah of selected demographic groups only by zealously immersing in cheap parochial quota politics relegating all norms of eligibility merit neutrality and national interests to oblivion.
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.