On Pranab Mukherjee’s address at RSS meet


Dear Madam,
After playing a glorious innings of Presidentship serving as the conscience of the nation for five years, Pranab Mukherjee has once again made us all proud.
Despite lecturing on the platform of an unit calling for ONE LANGUAGE ONE RELIGION ONE PEOPLE in this multi-lingual multi-religious secular heterogeneous country, Mukherjee has again stressed on the importance of diversity equality and tolerance towards all beliefs and faith. Instead of denigrating the Muslim invaders as “aliens”, he has invoked Rabindranath Tagore’s epic poem ‘Bharat Tirtha’ to welcome the incoming flow to India and to be proud of our assimilated history.
While indirectly condemning the current dominant force practicing intolerance and hatred in crudest manner possible with sole emphasis on a particular religion, Mukherjee boldly bats for pluralism and secularism.
If one dares to define “nationalism” and “patriotism” in his/her own terms, he/she is facing threat of murder and rape! Remember the case of young Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of a martyr, who was threatened of rape just because of her remark “Pakistan had not killed my father, war killed”! Or the predicament and barbaric physical attack on Kanhaiya Kumar? Once again Mukherjee advocates for multiplicity of opinions so as to make India a vibrant democracy.
Also has he pointed out that ensuring happiness and welfare of people should be the first priority of any ideal State. Common Indians need food shelter education medical care justice and peace. Sooner the concerned authorities, obsessed with statues-Moon exploration-flags-Gomata-mass Yoga-Bullet trains, learn a bit from Mukherjee; the better it is for the future of the country.
However RSS deserves thanks for showing the moral courage to invite Mukherjee in the meet despite knowing fully well that this impeccably secular personality will not endorse any divisive philosophy. It is hoped that from now on this camp will try to work and speak for all Indians by drawing inspiration from the historic speech of Pranab Mukherjee — the jewel of current India.
Lastly another round of applause for Mukherjee. Despite lecturing on such a zealously Hindi-ised platform, he had preferred to address the convention and the nation-wide audience in English so as to appreciate the sentiments and ethos of this multi-lingual society instead of throttling the language of few North Indian states down the throats of all.
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.