Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Page Mail

On ‘overcharging’ the customers

Dear Madam,
With the consent of the appropriate authority all the private vehicles .i.e. Buses/Taxis/Auto Rickshaws are at present operating with up to 100% passenger capacity to travel within the state of Nagaland. However to my shock and surprise; the rate/fare of ‘those’ transportation services is still the same as it was during the Covid-19 ‘restrictions’ Era. Moreover, it has also been observed that some shopkeepers have been found to be ‘overcharging’ the customers on certain commodities clearly bypassing the official rates that the authority has fixed. As a student as well as concerned and responsible citizen of this country I believe I have constitutional right to bring such issues to the notice of the appropriate authorities in ‘Public Interest’. Therefore, I humbly request hon’ble Government of Nagaland through your esteemed Newspaper- The Nagaland Page, to kindly look into the matter and also take necessary legal action against stockists, commercial syndicates, monopolists and also the private vehicle operators charging higher fair.
Zuchobeni M. Lotha, 2nd Semester, Dept. of Political Science, Tetso College