On Netflix’s new show ‘Ghoul’


Dear Madam,
Netflix’s new miniseries ‘Ghoul’ that was released on August 24 last was maybe one of the bravest storytelling that was seen in a while. As soon as the show starts, people can easily find the similarities between the plot and the trend in the country under the present regime. The show tells the story of a regime in a dystopian future of India where military arrests and puts in prison anyone who they think is anti-government branding them as terrorists. Though the situation in the present times is not that much grim, but there is no doubt a similarity and it has divided the internet, which is good in a sense. Sadly, such shows won’t reach people to the grass root level like the mainstream Bollywood cinemas and not many filmmakers are not brave enough to pull out such a story.
Abhijeet, Dimapur