Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Page Mail

On keeping Dimapur clean

Dear Madam,
The intiatives of Better Dimapur & Clean Dimapur in association with Dimapur Municipal Council to keep the city clean and maintain it is highly appreciable. But unless the people of this commercial hub take it seriously, things cannot move faster. It is observed daily that no sooner the DMC cleans up the piled up garbage in the town, people start throwing it again on the roadside. Despite designated places for throwing garbage and waste people tend to throw anywhere they like. If such things continues, the efforts of Better Dimapur, Clean Dimapur and the DMC will go in vain. It is high time people realize the sacrifces made by the youths to keep the city clean and join them in their endeavours. The goal can only be achieved with people’s participation.
Moses, Dimapur