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On Government schools’ poor performance, Mmhonlumo says “policies in place”

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KOHIMA, JUNE 30: There is always a bigger hill to climb after you conquer one. Being fearless and consistent is crucial to maintaining the momentum, stated Advisor, IT, Science & Technology, NRE, Mmonlumo Kikon said on Thursday.
He was speaking at the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) felicitation of 72 Naga toppers from Nagaland and Manipur in the HSLC & HSSLC examination 2022, at RCEMPA, Jotsoma, Kohima.
Stating that Nagas still harbour the ST quota mindest, he said the students of the day must shed this mindset and prepare themselves to compete with the rest of the world.
Addressing the poor performance of Government schools in the recently concluded HSLC & HSSLC examination 2022, Kikon said the Governmental institutions are not doing as good as expected but the State Government has already put policies in place to address the issues.
The NEP 2020 is reforming the education system in our State. We have already carried out the exercise of rationalization and ensured that proxy teachers and the ones who keep them are penalized and their services terminated, he said.
At present, the intent and the will of the State Government is to ensure that governmental institutions work for the people. Policies toward this have already been put in place, he said.
Kikon also admitted that while the Government of the day may be found wanting on certain issues, the shortcoming of the education system is not because of one individual or the other.
These are systemic issues and challenges which cannot be looked at in isolation, or from a one-year perspective. It has to be a decadal analysis, he said.
President NSF, Keywayhun Tep said that consistency is very important and encouraged the toppers to continue with the same passion in order to reach one’s goal. The moment you step out from home and set out to pave a future for yourself, there will be a lot of distraction and it is all the more important to stay focused, he said.
He said that except for the two toppers at the HSSLC level, Government schools failed to produce any toppers in the HSLC. Highlighting the breakup of pass percentage between Government schools and private schools, Tep informed that Government schools garnered a pass percentage of 36.62% and private schools were able to muster up 82.08%.
Imsennaro Walling, who recently cracked the UPSC 2022 examination with Rank 585 was also present at the felicitation programme. Sharing her two cents with the young Naga toppers basing on her experience as a student, Walling said that knowing one’s passion is key to achieving anything in life.
She stressed on the importance of mastering one’s passion and finding a passion in order to overcome any challenges in life. Having a purpose is very important as it empowers us and drives us, she said.
Congratulating the achievers for their success, Walling said this is just the beginning, think of this as a stepping stone to your goal in life and strive towards it diligently and honestly.
HSSLC (Arts) topper, Limasungla also addressed the gathering on behalf of the toppers. She said the journey to the top has not been easy. It took a lot of determination and perseverance.
“I believe that if we uphold the values that we have learnt over the course of years, then I believe we can excel over all things”, she said.
Former President ANSAM, MLA Manipur, J Kuma Sha said the toppers have a very challenging educational journey ahead. “You have no time to be complacent and laid back as there are many people working hard to overtake you, so you must always continue with more determination”, he said.
Stating that the only secret of success is hard work, Sha said toppers have a big responsibility towards their respective States; they must become the ambassadors of education. Continue to strive for excellence and maintain the momentum, he said.
Of the 72 toppers felicitated on Thursday, 40 toppers were from HSLC exam, 29 toppers from HSSLC exam and 3 toppers from Manipur Board of School Education.
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