Sunday, July 14, 2024
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On demonitization of currency notes

Dear Madam,
As if the death of more than 100 unfortunate souls in bank queues and hospitals(following denial of treatment due to lack of “legal” cash) were not scandalous enough thanks to that callous heartless decision of demonetisation before ensuring minimum infrastructure, even more than 1.5 million jobs had also vanished within a year!
Not to forget 99.3% of RBI-issued notes, practically rendered “Black” overnight, getting returned to banks!
Indeed what a “mighty crusade” had been launched to flush out black money, that too at such an irreparable humanitarian cost!
However, one and only utter fools and blind admirers of a particular party Government or leader could have rejoiced over that “boldest decision in independent India” when it was announced on that fateful night! Was any technology or magic embedded in the new notes that it could not be converted into black money or counterfeited? How can terrorists or child traffickers be thwarted by minting new currency?
Are the blind admirers of “Good Days”, bent on declaring demonetisation a great “success story” despite its proven failure, mean to say that at last the Indian soil has got rid of even the last trace of black money, counterfeit notes, terrorists and inhuman traffickers! Far from ensuring any benefit(apart from the plastic card companies who are all laughing all the way to the bank!); India, already in the grasp of that draconian ill named unemployment, has witnessed drastic cut of jobs(specially in unorganised sector) and loss of crops driving innumerable hapless farmers to end their lives. Not to forget regular incidents of terrorism in post-demonetisation days, be it home-grown or foreign brand, plaguing the country with Pulwama “taking the cake”!
And after all such damp squib in all fronts; even that much cherished new notes of Rs. 2000/- are also being withdrawn!
Had the concerned authorities sternly asked the Income Tax officials to nab the possessor of black money, the Intelligence agencies to identify the units of making counterfeit money and the border personnel to stop infiltration of terrorists as well as movement of human traffickers ; all these menace could have been nipped in bud and the country would not had to undergo such a physical, financial and mortal mess in the name of demonetisation.
Indeed what a disgrace to witness heartless cries of “success” of demonetisation by its rabid sponsors despite such overwhelming damage inflicted upon the nation through premature loss of precious lives, vanishing of jobs and huge setback on economy!
Yes, Demonetisation was nothing but a cruel farce “gifted” to the country!
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.