Friday, September 17, 2021
Page Mail

On bridges and Flyovers

Dear Madam,
It is pleasant to see that the neighbouring state, Assam is constructing so many bridges in the state, be it Flyovers in the city or bridges over the rivers to cut short the distance of travelling. But one is disappointed in Nagaland when he sees there is no such development taking place. The construction of bridge over Dhansiri has not taken pace for the last three years, while another construction of bridge at Nagarjan is at snail pace. While projects are executed in neighbouring state, the same is not witnessed in Nagaland. With the fast pace of growth in Dimapur, i.e. increase in number of vehicles, the city needs Flyovers and alternate roads to tackle the ever growing traffic. But we do not see the government announcing any such projects, or taking steps to do so. The state needs lots of bridges and good roads and of course Flyover bridges.
John Ao, Dimapur