Friday, June 21, 2024

Old NST Parking Site Kohima is “No Parking Zone”

Old NST Parking
Old NST Parking

Dimapur, July 25: The Regional Transport Authority has accorded approval for ” No Parking Zone” from New NST to Razhu Point” in a notification Dated 9th October 2020 in anticipation of the completion Multi Level Car Park projects being implemented under Smart City.

The Kohima Smart City along with the Kohima Traffic Police and Kohima Village Youth Organisation has been allowed to arrange and manage the alternate Parking Site at the Old MLA Hostel compound through a notification of the RTA dated 17th May’2021.
In pursuance to the above notifications the Kohima Smart city is carrying out the “Streets for People Challenge” design testing and the Old NST Parking Site will be a “No Parking Zone” with effect from July 24. This was informed through a notification from the CEO of Kohima Smart City.
Citizens have been requested to opt for the Old MLA Hostel Site for Parking, the entry to which is from the Old MLA Hostel Gate opposite Kohima Ao Baptist Church and exit is opposite Commissioner Office.

This is the first phase of the implementation of the “No Parking Plan” in the City and will extend in Phases from TCP Gate Junction to Razhu Point/Old TATA Parking with alternate parking arranged at other locations. (Page News Service)