Thursday, April 15, 2021

Officials emphasize on ‘plastic free state’

Policy implementation not satisfactory: CS

Dimapur, February 21: Chief Secretary, Nagaland, Temjen Toy, IAS convened a meeting with AHODs, HODs and other departments pertaining to Plastic Free State at the Chief Secretary’s Conference Hall today.
While addressing the member participants, the Chief Secretary clearly said that the main objective of the meeting was to carry forward Plastic Free State and how to give a further push on it.
He said the present rate of policy implementation on Plastic Free state is not satisfactory due to poor implementation and non-compliance of government policies besides lack of proper mechanism to control the use of plastics.
He emphasized that everyone should implement the policy thereby creating awareness and sensitization of people on discontinuation of plastic use is important for the successful implementation of the programme. An “Empowered Committee” comprising of different departments has been entrusted to work out a roadmap on action plan.
Development Commissioner, Sentiyanger, IAS said that order was already issued but no follow up action has been taken. Therefore, he reiterated that the Home department should issue an order and give directives to all Deputy Commissioners for strict compliance.
Retd. Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. Of Nagaland, Thangi Mannen while sharing her concerns on this, stated about the importance and necessity to have coordination between Government and NGOs in order to tackle the issue of Plastic Free in the state.
She said the policy for restricting the use of plastics in Nagaland has already been in force but the use of both plastics and other non-perishable products continues in spite of restriction. For that reason, she opined that the government should come out with a firm decision on how to go about banning of plastics since clear indication is not given by the government.
She also emphasised on imparting trainings on how to make non plastic bags in order to replace the use of plastic bags. She said there will be no plastic free state as long as we wait for an alternative to plastics. Single use plastic bags such as cups and plates often use in public gatherings are the most polluting, Mannen added.
On issue of orders, she urged all the municipalities to issue orders so as to control the use of plastics in their own respective municipalities. She also mentioned about the importance of timeframe to dispose all plastics and other non perishable products as plastics not only polluting the environment but also affecting the human health.
“NGOs and Church organisations should be engaged to work hand in hand with the government”, she opined.
Commissioner & Secretary, Urban Development, Abhishek Singh, IAS stressed on the importance of mechanism for controlling the use of plastics, wherein, local authorities should be vested with the powers and responsibilities though violation will continue to happen in spite of strict regulations. He urged the Kohima and Dimapur municipalities to take the lead in controlling the use of plastics.
Commissioner & Secretary, PHE, Maongwati Aier suggested that the state needs to have an act on the usage of plastics.
The Chief Secretary formed an ” Empowered Committee” headed by Principal Secretary, UD, Abhishek Singh, IAS to be assisted by officers from departments such as Home, KMC, Forests, PHE, RD and IPR.
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