Saturday, November 28, 2020
Page Mail

Of traffic and parking of vehicles in Dimapur

Dear Madam,
The parking along the Nyamo Lotha Road on payment seems to be streamlined these days. But not all are lucky to get their vehicles parked along this road. Those having vehicles and wanting to go for shopping on Nyamo Lotha Road suffer a lot as there is hardly any space for parking their vehicles. While town planning had not been practised in the past which resulted in the present problem, the ever growing number of vehicles in Dimapur town has increased the problems. No roads in Dimapur is left empty as vehicles are found parked from morning to evening. Even the stretch of road in New Market is not left free. We talk about modernization and advancedment, but we fail to create infrastructure which is needed at present. The Dimapur Municipal Council must think of constructing Parking lots in the middle of the town, which will be one way to ease traffice in Dimapur.
Mhathung, Dimapur