Friday, October 23, 2020
Creative Writings


The land of the majestic green hills and rivers
Where the mighty and brave headhunters walked once upon a time
A land so fertile and fruitful
A masterpiece of God’s own hand

As the beautiful rhododendron blooms
And the wild colourful orchids displays her pride
Oh the land so rich with ethnic traditions and cultures
Beautiful are the women of thy land

On the hill top, the village church stands majestically
As the church bell rings in melody
Overwhelming warmth and pleasant nature of her folks
It’s a beautiful land of warriors

When the clouds lingers down and kisses the hills
And the sounds of the log drum echoes through the mountains
The brave men and women dance with pride and honour
As they pass down the folklores to younger kins

On the foothills the beautiful terrace fields sleeps gracefully
Echoing the voice of the brave and gentle souls
Its a Land of festivals
A land of the beautiful and mighty people of Nagaland

Tokika Yepthomi