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Ochard management training held at Rusoma

Ochard management
Skill Training of Rural Youth on the topic 'Orchard management and maintenance' was conducted at Rusoma Village, Kohima from 21st - 26th March 2022. (DIPR)

Dimapur, March 30: ATMA, Kohima district in collaboration with the State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) Medziphema and National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management Hyderabad organized skill training of rural youth on ‘Orchard management and maintenance’ from March 21 to 26 at Rusoma Village Kohima.
On the first day, the programme started with an inaugural function where the concept of STRY was elaborated to the participants. The first technical session was on the topic ‘Introduction to the establishment of orchard site selection, planning, importance, and infrastructure.’ The next session was on the topic ‘Soil management practices and techniques.’ In the afternoon the participants were taken for an onsite visit to a potential orange orchard.
The second-day session was on the topic of the establishment and management of the nursery for fruits like orange, banana, and papaya. Hands-on demonstrations were given on the preparation of nursery. On the third day, the participants were trained on the scientific management of canopy orchards. They were also briefed about the management strategies for the citrus decline. There was a practical session on pruning and training where they were taken to an orange orchard. The participants were given in-depth training on integrated nutrient and pest management on the fourth day.
In the practical session, they were given a demonstration of the preparation and use of Bordeaux mixture in an orange orchard. The fifth day of the training was on the topic of best orchard management practices and rejuvenation of old orchards and also harvesting practices and harvesting indexing. The afternoon session was a visit to the banana and papaya farm. The last day of the training was on post-harvest management processing and value addition. This was followed by evaluation and feedback from the trainees.
During the valedictory programme, there was distribution of certificates and training kits to the participants. A total of 27 trainees participated in the training. (Page News Service)