Sunday, April 14, 2024

Obnoxious nexus

Materialism has crippled our social system where values and virtues have become irrelevant. Gone are the days when corrupt were collectively named and shamed irrespective of their stature and status. Corruption is now an inseparable part of our society; an accepted fact that no one can dare to refute. In common parlance, corruption is simple bribery, but present day corruption is much more than that. It is multi-faceted and includes nepotism and exchange of favours. These days corruption is a full-fledged trade that runs parallel to administrative set ups and gives a tough time to a social system with its own rules chiefly governed by brazen deceit. Corruption is as old as civilization and occurs in almost all societies. All of us discuss corrupt; their shameful acts and try to dissect corruption. But very less look into the genesis of corruption. Corruption is a modus operandi that amazingly creates a modus vivendi for both the exploiter and the exploited. Anyways, the lesser we define the features of corruption better it is for the future of mankind and societal order. However, in our State corrupt and corruption have gone too far. Brushing corruption under the carpet too long will be unfair as it has compounded our social structure and tarnished our political system. Unfortunately, corrupt neo-riches decide how we should behave as a society and justify the silly social practices. Without generalizing, a substantial part of our society is not shy of dishonesty anymore and feels comfortable with the fraudulent. Interestingly, we make enough noise about corruption, but when it knocks at our door with rosy offers, temptations run high and many of us make unbelievable compromises. Everyone either in the administration or the society have failed miserably in curbing corruption. The reason is no one cares or has the will to stand against corruption. The existing unsettled political issue has created a situation of fear – paranoia, so nobody bothers to oppose or report corruption and wrongdoings. In this game of nerves, it is corrupt with their deep tentacles and a strong system of deceit who advantageously take the upper hand and dictate terms. Unfortunately, corruption in Nagaland on many occasions is used as a political tool to put down and browbeat the opponents. Accusing each other of corrupt practices and doing nothing against corruption is very common for our polity when out of power. However, while being in command, all resort to corrupt practices and favouritism (exceptions can be there). The corrupt mafia having their presence in every field has turned so powerful that they are almost above the law and beyond the purview of the existing rules. Corrupt giants chose their area of operation and the target at their own sweet will. Within the society, they place themselves at prominent and strategic positions with money and muscle power. And in the administration flouting all rules and regulations with the blessings of political masters and patrons the virtue-less corrupt position themselves where they can fleece with ease. Our people experience all kind of corruption, but there is a distinctive aspect of exploitation. Nagaland with its unique geographic location and very little established private sector mostly depends on state-run economy. So most of the corruption brews within the corridors of administration and its smaller units down below. Deliberate delay in budgetary allotments and releases for executing developmental schemes and works has become a norm in the administrative setup. In a state where the working season is limited, the desperation of people is harnessed by the corrupt to their choice. A cursory look will reveal hundreds of people within the administration who have been stationed against all norms and rules and do nothing but create miseries for people and earn a bad name for the administration by delaying financial flow. Quarterly allocations, allotments, releases, utilization certificates, state-share, central-share and much more are the buzzwords that are frequently used to scare the executing agencies, the beneficiaries and the common people but at the end of the day it all becomes irrelevant and mute when corruption takes centre stage. Time has come administrations review its financial allocation and allotment mechanism. Make accountable all those who have created a relationship of corruption in administration’s financial allocation system. This obnoxious nexus is the ultimate culprit of delay in developmental projects and schemes.