NZP observes World Wildlife Day

NZP observes World Wildlife Day

Dimapur, March 4: Officers and staffs of the Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar along with the rest of the wildlife fraternity of the world celebrated the World Wildlife Day on March 3 at the Director’s Office Campus of the Zoo. Dr. Prabhat Kumar IFS, DFO, Doyang Plantation Division was the chief guest of this auspicious day.
With his diverse knowledge and specialization in wildlife, he explained about how this day was chosen by the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution in 2013 to adopt Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s fauna and flora.
With this year’s theme of “Big Cats – Predators under threat”, he pointed out that the balance in nature is so important to maintain by the action of each and every animals and plants living on earth.
And should this balance be disturbed, he mentioned that the particular species would dominate over the other species and thereby suppressing the weaker ones leading to the point of weaker species extinction.
He also mentioned the declining population of many big cats in the world. With special mention of India having the highest number of tiger population out of about 4000 individuals in the world he said there is a reason to save and protect these majestic creatures, lest the ecological balance of nature becomes imbalanced.
He also said that there is a greater biological diversity of species in the world. Citing with an example of the different varieties of rice plant species in the world. This has become possible with the scientific researches that creates new species with molecular modifications and enhancements.
Director of the Zoo, Obed Bohovi Swu, SFS exhorted the program attendees about the importance of wildlife. He said there is an urgent need to conserve and protect the degrading wildlife population in our state and these includes all the types of wildlife. Mentioning the term wildlife in general he pointed out that the word wildlife includes all those species of animals and plants that are found in the wild.
Stressing on the World Wildlife Day 2018 theme of Big Cats – Predators under threat he mentioned to the delight of the program attendees that there are two species of big cats the zoo has – the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Common Leopard.
The program was attended by the hostel warden students of Logos College from Selouphe Village Dimapur. The day was also marked with the distribution of pamphlet of the different species of big cats of the world.
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