Tuesday, May 11, 2021

NZP gets hornbill chick

Dimapur, July 11: Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar achieved another milestone today when the mother oriental pied hornbill emerged with one chick from the artificial best box in which it had enclosed itself since April 2018.
Hornbills have a very unique nesting behavior. After mating the female goes inside the nest and plaster the opening of the nest cavity from inside leaving just a small opening wide enough to receive food from the male outside who feeds both the chicks and the mother till they emerge from the nest box.
Nagaland Zoological Park had been attempting to breed hornbills in captivity for last five years however it was not successfully.
The successful breeding of Oriental Pied Hornbill in Nagaland Zoological Park has given a lot of knowledge about their behaviour. Since Hornbills pair for life the pair is expected to continue to breed in the park. The Park is trying to identify other compatible pairs for breeding in the coming years and start a conservation breeding programme for oriental pied Hornbill in the Zoological Park. (Page News Service)