Friday, September 29, 2023

NWA select wrestlers for national championship

NWA two

Kohima, September 24: Under the aegis of Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA), a selection camp for Belt Wrestling event was organized today at the IG Stadium for the forthcoming 9th National Traditional Wrestling & Pankration Championship 2021 schedule at Goa from October 28 to 31.

Twelve male wrestlers from 6 different categories along with one female wrestler were selected to represent NWA in the championship.
Altogether 95 wrestlers from 3 NWA constituent units – Angami Sports Association (ASA), Chakhesang Wrestling Association (CWA) & Zeliang Wrestling Association (ZWA) registered for the selection camp. One Lotha & one Phom also took part in the day selection camp.
The selected wrestlers as per their merit performance are:
Results (Male)
54 Kg & below

1st- Kutho Luruo
2nd- Bongtan Phom
59 Kg & below
1st- Rokovotuo Khawakhrie
2nd- Vizose-o Metha
65 Kg & below
1st- Rokokehie Khawakhrie
2nd- Vevotso Lase
76 Kg & below
1st- Seyiejalie Gwirie
2nd- Keneiselie Khawakhrie
85 Kg & below
1st- Vekutho Soho
2nd- Kevizhakho Suokhrie
85 Kg & above
1st- Venuzo Dawhuo
2nd- Mezhuvil Kiso
65 Kg & below
Vekhonielu Curhah
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