NVCO welcomes Cabinet move to end ‘chief guest’ culture


Calls for end to deduction of commission/percentage

Dimapur, April 19: The Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organisation (NVCO) has welcomed the decision of the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) Government banning ministers, officials in attending any functions as ‘chief guest’ and also not to donate and announce any monetary grants.
In a press release, NVCO said such a move will not only help the Ministers/MLAs/Government officials but it will be more beneficial to the common people as it will reduce diversion of public funds.
“We as people of the state must admit the fact that the nomenclature -‘Chief Guest’ is fondly used not only to extent respect but more on the expectation of getting more money. Whenever a public function or jubilee is held people are not concern about what does the chief guest speaks but more interested to enquire how much he/she donates,” it stated.
The NVCO said claimed that the people compels the so called ‘chief guest’ to donate more money or announce monetary grants by giving the ‘chief guest’ expensive gifts, wild life animals and even prepare deer meat or birds, etc. It listed out the gifts given to chief guests in the past are, namely mithun, full traditional dresses and attires, expensive handicrafts, Naga gate, etc.
On this line, the NVCO also suggested the Cabinet to take decision “not to deduct commission/percentage in the name of party fund/secretary commission/minister commission/MLA commission from public funds especially meant for various infrastructural developmental funds and human resources projects, etc.”
The NVCO reminded that earlier the Nagaland Govt. Registered Class-1 Contractors’ Union (NGRC-1 CU) has appealed to the Chief Minister of Nagaland not to deduct ‘commission’ or percentage from project funds in the name of party fund or minister commission or MLAs commission, etc so as to ensure quality works and timely completion of the various projects. (Page News Service)