Friday, May 7, 2021

NVCO launches week-long National Consumers Day observation

Dimapur, December 19: The Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organization (NVCO) Wednesday launched a week-long observance of National Consumers Day in a brief formal programme at Kohima town
Officially launching the week-long observance of National Consumers Day which fall on December 24, NVCO president Kezhokhoto Savi expressed NVCO’s strong support to the order issued by the Deputy Commissioner Dimapur in banning sale of calendars, raffles, badges, coupons, lotteries, donations, etc in pursuance of State Home Department order.
The NVCO requested all Deputy Commissioners in the State, especially Kohima, to immediately issue the same order as the State capital has become a haven for fund-raise.
Citing some forms of fund-raise by churches, students’ union, associations, federation, various organizations, etc., the NVCO highlighted sale of lottery ticket ranging from Rs 500 to Rs15,000 per ticket, a packet of moudi ranging from Rs 500 to Rs10,000 & above, Church building fund, dinner ticket from Rs 1000 up to Rs 5000 and Rs 7,000, a basket of vegetable ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 2,000, a calendar at Rs 200 & above, a portion of deer meat for donation, 3 kgs of pork at Rs 1000, selling tea leaf more than double of actual price, a bottle of wine with cooked meat at Rs 5000, various demand in the form of donation towards the celebration of jubilees/festivals/conferences mainly upon legislators and the rich, various donor card at abnormal rate, etc.
“It is very unfortunate that we the citizens of Nagaland become very smart and creative in making easy money by various forms of fund-raise and we are to admit that Nagaland is a state of doing all sorts of these various illegality affecting the prices in the market and our economy and it also amounts to harassment,” the NVCO president observed.
In view of a week-long observation of National Consumers Day from December 18 to 24, the NVCO appealed to all Deputy Commissioners in the district headquarters to ban the same and enforce it effectively.
During the week-long observance, NVCO will conducting consumer awareness campaign related to defective goods and deficiency services, illegal collection of cash/taxes at the check-gates and on highways together with Kohima District Truck Owners and Drivers’ Union (KDTODU) mainly to spread consumer awareness against rampant illegal taxation, food safety, temporary price-rise, backdoor appointment together with Civil Engineers Association of Nagaland(CEAN) and Combined Technical Association of Nagaland(CTAN) to fight against backdoor appointment and pressurize the various departments under the Government of Nagaland to cancel/terminate employees appointed through backdoor at the earliest, food security, etc.
For any query and consumer guidance, citizens/consumers can call Nagaland State Consumer Helpline through toll free number 1800-345-3701 during working/office hours.
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