NVBDCP review meet held in Dimapur


Dimapur, August 7: The Dimapur District review meeting on NVBDCP activities was held in the CMO’s conference hall, Dimapur on Tuesday.
During the meeting, Dr. Talitemsula, Joint Director & SPO, NVBDCP, Directorate of Health & Family Welfare, Kohima reviewed the performances of field workers under NVBDCP. She re-oriented the field workers on their roles and responsibilities. She also reviewed the performance of Dimapur District NVBDCP activities from January to July 2018.
She stated that the Dimapur NVBDCP was doing all the necessary activities to control and prevent the outbreak of Dengue and other vector borne diseases in the District. However, she emphasised the role of the citizens in assisting the Department to control this menace. She urged that the public to take ownership and follow the simple control measures disseminated by the department. She further stressed that the Department alone should not be held responsible instead the public should be more proactive and prevent mosquito breeding places in and around their vicinities.
The only way to control and prevent Dengue and other vector borne diseases is for the Department and the public to work together, she said.
The meeting was chaired by Dr Imtiwabong, DVBO, NVBDCP Dimapur. Other officials that attended the meeting were Dr Nesakho Nyekha, Deputy Director, NVBDCP, Atu Longkumer, Sr. Entomologist, Kikolul Khieya, Assistant Director, UVBDS, Keniengutuo, M&E Consultant, Imsubenla, PH Consultant, field workers and staffs under Dimapur NVBDCP.
(Page News Service)