Nüngo Reju inaugurated at Changtongya


Changtongya, May 19: At a time when the traditions and customs of the Aos are fading, “Arju Tsüki-Bachelor’s Dormitory” an NGO decided to build a Morung at Changtongya with the objective to revive culture and traditions of the Ao-Naga. The morung, built under the guidance and leadership of Sentirenba, Founder & Director, ArjuTsüki-Bachelor’s Dormitory, was inaugurated on May 17.
The programme was chaired by Meyitiba Jamir, former CKT President and was started with a prayer by AienlaImchen, Home Evangelist, Changtongya Baptist Church.
While talking at the event, Sentirenba mentioned that when he was taking MSW in Jorhat, he visited a lot of rural areas in and around India and Northeast India in particular. There, he found out that the customs and traditions were fading away in a lot of areas and in some areas, with the rapid changes and developments of the society, people were also preserving well their ancestral traditions and customs hand in hand.
After observing and studying all these, in order to bring back the good old traditions in terms of language, terminologies of kinship ties and others, reviving the old handicrafts of both men and women, folklores, etc., he decided to build a morung and named it as Nüngo (souvenir) Reju (morung).
Explaining the reason behind naming it as Nüngo Reju, he said that since building this morung revives once lost tradition of making Morungs, it is like a souvenir and it will be a home for all the years old souvenirs and objects used by our ancestors. Here, there are some collections of antique items which the Ao ancestors used and the door is open for those who want to donate their old unused cultural items and whoever donates, their names and the village they belong will be mentioned on the items they donate.
It was learned that free vocational classes for both boys and girls once a month was started through “ArjuTsüki-Bachelor’s Dormitory”, in schools like Christian Standard Higher Secondary School and Green River Valley High School at Changtongya Town from this year.
Short speeches were also presented by Changtongya Village Council, Changtongya Kaketshir Telungjem (Changtongya Students Union), Adventure Club Changtongya, Bosco Institute Jorhat (9th Batch), Christian Standard Higher Secondary School and Green River Valley High School. In the same event, Jew’s Harp was presented by Wanphai Nongrum, Founder & Creative Director, Path to Creation, Shillong. Theprogramme was also attended by Watsu from Changtongya (Ao women body), DKA Austria and Puhor Foundation Marani Jorhat. The programme was concluded by a mass prayer.
(Page News Service)