Tuesday, September 28, 2021

NTUCT supports DNSU on call to ban illegal liquor sale

Dimapur, February 26: The Naga Tribal Union Chumoukedima Town (NTUCT) has extended support to DNSU for coming out strongly against the rampant sale of illegal liquor in nook and comers of Dimapur Town calling 7 days’ notice to the concern authority to either strongly implement the NLPT Act or DNSU chart out its own course of action.
The NTUCT pointed out that checking, frisking and raiding of sale of illegal liquor is regular affairs within its jurisdiction and said the end result was that many families indulging in this nefarious trade to support their families were either expelled or served last and final warning.
It said vehicles used for supplying such contraband were seized and heavy penalties were imposed from both the driver and owner.
The NTUCT expresses its thanks and appreciation to all its stakeholders for strongly coming out forward to extend men power support and cooperation.
It further encouraged the DNSU leaders to march ahead and be prepared to go for an extra mile to protect their future. It also appreciated the DNSU for calling a total ban on illegal and spurious liquor and called upon all conscious citizens to support and cooperate with them.
“The hardest part to contain the menace as per our own experience was excise and police personnel patronizing the bootleggers by simply accepting cash on regular basis. Loose national workers going door to door collecting cash from the sellers although they were not permitted by the authority,” a press release issued by NTUCT vice president, Akum Imchen and joint secretary, Akato Sema stated.
Stating that Dimapur district is the epicentre of unabated flow of illicit and spurious liquor all over Nagaland where a very powerful syndicate is at work, the NTUCT said it has also come across a glaring and alarming modus operandi of truck loads of liquor plying on daily basis escorted together with Army convoy make the State Police unable to detain them.
It further said the NBCC is least concerned today although the enactment of NLPT Act was done at the behest of exhaustive and intensive protest rallies and demands of the NBCC.
The NTUCT demanded the NBCC to call for a serious deliberation involving all the stack holders and come out strongly with such a resolution whether to give more tooth to the NLTP Act or to relax it all together by enacting a law to be strictly followed by the vendors so that spurious liquor which is very harmful for human consumption shall be done away with ensuring better quality at cheaper price, least consumption and earn government revenue.
(Page News Service)