Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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NTPRADAO on Nagaland Minister’s false declaration of educational qualifications

The Nagaland Transparency, Public Rights Advocacy and Direct Action Org. (NTPRADAO), herein stumbled across and find it utterly distressing to state about our state’s present cabinet Minister’s lying about their academic degrees.
The NTPRADAO states that as public representatives, they must have maintained high integrity and propriety at all times, for an open, clean and fair governmental functioning. They must have aimed at preventing corruption and foster high standards of public posturing and also should have reinforced the credibility and legitimacy of the high constitutional office that they occupy in the states official apparatus, safeguarding public morale and interest.
The NTPRADAO has caught hold of the information through reliable sources about the concern Minister’s who have fraudulently mentioned their degrees whereas the fact remains the other way around. In relation to it, the organisation has entrusted its fact- finding cell to do due diligence about the concern Minister’s “ Misleading Claims” and come out with a detail report for further necessary action.
It may be recollected that all over India politicians have the habit of brandishing fake degrees/ false academic credentials and “fake degrees is in some legislators DNA”.
The organisation shall leave no stone unturned to expose such degree scandals in our state and if caught with prima facie evidence, the organisation shall finish such public parasitic diseases once and for all with a great exemplary action. The organisation does not want a repeat of the then Lok Sabha MP Neiphiu Rio and the then State’s Chief Minister T. R. Zeliang being embroiled in fake degree row for years with a series of court cases that went up to the Supreme court and years of ugly public spats between warring parties, making it a foolish public mockery, ridicule and laughing stock for the political class.
The organisational plan of action / road map shall be that once the detail report implicates the concern Minister’s ; the organisation shall simultaneously appeal to the “public conscience” of the Hon’ble High Court / Supreme Court, Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Governor, Hon’ble Prime Minister and demand for the demotion / removal of the concern Hon’ble Minister’s . Moreover a mass based public agitation exposing the “shameless and characterless lies” of the concern Minister’s shall be executed at the party head quarters office of the concern Minister’s demanding their immediate resignations. The organisation hope that in this way at least Nagaland shall be save from disgrace by our Hon’ble Legislator’s / Minister’s from faking their degrees and usher in integrity and good reputation in the present regime and for future generations.
Keduta Nienu                                            C.T. Lotha
President, NTPRADAO                          Secretary – General, NTPRADAO

Nekivi Yeptho
State Executive Member, NTPRADAO