Monday, January 18, 2021
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NTC renews attempt to unite Nagas


Kohima, October 30: There are indications of another attempt by the Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) to bring Nagas together under the banner of Naga Club.
As the Naga Club celebrates 100 years of its existence at Jotsoma today, there are significant indications of the NTC trying to unite Nagas of Nagaland through the club which has been revamped recently by the NTC.
The first attempt by the NTC to bring Nagas of Nagaland failed due to political differences and its categorical statement that outsiders should not decide the fate of Nagas of Nagaland, by its founders – literally asking the NSCN (IM) not to meddle in the affairs of Nagaland. Then the State Government and NSCN (IM) did not accept formation of NTC. But despite that NTC succeeded in bringing the other Naga militant groups on board the peace process with the Union Government.
The Sumi Hoho underscored the need for the Nagas to come together under one umbrella stating that at this juncture Naga society is marred by divisions, disunity, disintegration and tribalism.
SH vice president, Vihoshe Sumi said there is a ray of hope for the Nagas to come together and that is the Naga Club. But interestingly he did mentioned about unity of Nagas of the then Naga Hills, sans other Nagas.
Rev. Tuisem Shishak, founder Principla of Patkai Christian College while saluting the members of Naga Club said there would have been no memorandum to the Simon Commission had the club not formed. He said formation of Naga Club and subsequent submission of memorandum to the Simon Commission triggered formation of Naga political group known as Naga National Council (NNC). He said NNC became a formidable force with a united voice.
Another prominent Naga leader, Niketu Iralu cautioned that there is a legacy which could destroy Naga society if Nagas continue to hopelessly pollute themselves with selfishness and ill will towards one another.
The Lotha Hoho said Naga society is fragmented because of differences of views and opinions. LH president, Mhao Humtso urged younger generations to safeguard the Naga Club.
Naga Club president, Krurovi Peseyie in his keynote address said the founders of the club were not well educated but they created the important political history of the Nagas with wisdom.
The Chakhesang Public Organisation and Pochury Hoho also called for unity of Naga people. The Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) also greeted the people on the occasion of 100th year of Naga Club. (Page News Service)