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NTC questions NH/UNC warning to Nagas


Dimapur, August 25: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has questioned the warning issued by the United Naga Council (UNC) of Manipur and Naga Hoho (NH) to Nagas as a whole with regards to the Indo-Naga peace process.
The NH and UNC in a joint statement and published in the local dailies on August 24 had stated, “The house cautioned any Naga elected representative, political leader, political party, un-mandated or unauthorized Naga individual or group not to attend or participate in any assembly or meeting that would sabotage the ‘Indo-Naga’ peace process. The house declared that anyone defying the Naga political principle and its position would be treated as anti national and their entry into Naga territory would be banned.”
The NTC referring to the jurisdiction of UNC said it is the exclusive umbrella organization of the Nagas of Manipur and has no authority over the Nagas outside of Manipur State.
In a press release, the NTC also reminding that the Naga Hoho is supposed to be the apex organization of all the Nagas irrespective of territorial barriers, yet ENPO is outside the purview of Naga Hoho, while members of CNTC (Central Nagaland Tribes Council) comprising of major tribes had opted out from Naga Hoho. “Adding to that some of those tribal Hohos remaining under Naga Hoho seemed to have distanced from active participation under the present leadership for reasons better known to them,” it said.
In light of this, the NTC said issuing such “questionable warning” to Naga people in general by no other than UNC, a mere unit of Naga Hoho, and Naga Hoho which has been under severe test itself presently is wrongly timed.
The NTC questioned as to what would these two organizations like to consider a parameter by which an act of an individual or an organization is to be known as ‘sabotage’ to peace process? “Secondly, what do these two organizations mean by ‘un-mandated or unauthorized” relating to pursuance of Naga political issue? Which group or which individual do they believe to be the mandated and authorized and who is/are not,” it asked.
Stating that the UNC/Naga Hoho should have lucidly defined the ‘Naga political principle’ for clarity sake, the NTC asked what is the parameter by which an act of one is considered to be the ‘defiance’ of Naga political principle? “Also, how would these two organizations adopt mechanism to banish a defaulter (anti-national) and then enforce banning him/her from ‘entry into Naga territory’,” it asked.
Stating that the people of Nagaland had sufficiently faced bombardments of intimidations and threats to individuals and organizations particularly from NNPGs in the past, NTC said should there be any necessity for the Nagas to bridge and sort out anything in regard to common interest, there are always enough rooms and opportunities for such exercises for betterments. The common concern at the moment is to work out a mechanism through which everyone is taken on board towards an inclusive solution, it stated.
Stating that the joint statement of NH and UNC is found to be more of “intimidation and arrogance than of matured opinion” befitting the prevailing situation, the NTC said it is unbecoming of UNC and Naga Hoho to take Nagas for granted. (Page News Service)