Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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NTC demands Govt to provide WHO approved PPE kits to frontline health workers


Dimapur, April 19: The Nagaland Tribe Council (NTC) today demanded the state Government to provide WHO approved PPE kits for frontline health workers and security personnel and WHO standard isolation and treatment facilities for the patients.
It also demanded emergency response team and services like Ambulance as well as sufficient stocking of medicines, WHO approved gadgets and essential commodities.
It further demanded distribution of food and other essential items for the poor, needy and the downtrodden including in the rural areas.
Demanding COVID-19 Rapid test kit testing in all the sensitive areas, the NTC also said there should be community based health policing and isolation as per procedure
It also demanded urged BSL-3 and Rapid test kits to be set up in Dimapur.
The NTC asked the state government to tie-up with other competent state Government’s manufacture firm and international bodies to act as fast tract for smooth continuous supply of essential items and WHO approved medical materials.
While demanding transparency and accountability in the utilization of workforce, fund and resources, the NTC appealed to one and all not to stigmatize the medical health frontline workers and health service providers, be it government or private hospital establishments.
It appealed to all to put their heads together and reason together observing all protocol/safety measures, to logistically lend support in whatever way to restore confidence building amongst the Medical Health workers and the common masses.
Reacting to the reports of preparedness of the state to fight Coronavirus that it has no fair system, transparent management and humanity, the NTC asked whether these sub-standard and poor safety gears as raised by the frontline workers like PPE kits sent or donated by Health Ministry, GoI. It also asked whether the ventilator and medical devices as well as medicine meant for COVID-19 sponsored by GOI.
It further asked if it is not, then who is the middlemen (agent/dealer) responsible for such poor safety gears putting lives at risk of the people in the frontline, especially medical health frontline workers, law enforcing agencies on duties as well as whole of Naga people in general.
” Are the COVID-19 rooms and other isolation treatment places also under sponsor from Central Govt? If not who is handling such construction or renovation or management for these pathetic slow and poor facilities/installation outcome?,” a press release issued by NTC president, Toniho Yepthomi and general secretary, Nribemo Ngullie asked. (Page News Service)