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NTC appeals to PM to resolve NPI

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Recalls pre-2018 election promises

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 16: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has once again appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resolve the decades-old Naga political issue without any further delay.
In a representation, the Council reminded Modi that under the latter’s “dynamic leadership and strong determination”, negotiations between the Naga Political Groups (NPGs) and GoI for a political solution have “officially been culminated” on October 31, 2019.
“The only task left at the moment is for the GoI to take a call for signing the agreement between the Naga negotiators and GoI. However, the assured political settlement is still evasive for the last two and a half years even after the conclusion of the political dialogue. The longer the matter of settlement for a political solution is delayed, the more problems will surface as a result of which the brunt of the backlash always fall and impact the common people for no fault of theirs”, read the letter.
The NTC recalled that “during the early part of 2018 proposed general election in Nagaland”, Naga people had wanted “solution, not election” but the
Centre could convince “the honest and innocent Nagas” with its “election for solution” slogan.
“More so, after the election, sugar-coated words (like) “solution before Christmas” and “(solution) as Christmas gift” could further hoodwink the innocent people of the State of Nagaland in particular and the Nagas in general”, it stated.
However, the promises are yet to be fulfilled till date, the Council reminded.
Referencing the commitment given by all political parties to Naga people that the “elected members are prepared to pave way as and when an inclusive, honourable and acceptable solution arrived at”, the NTC urged the Prime Minister to take up the matter on “top priority basis” and deliver a solution that is honourable and acceptable without any further delay.
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