Thursday, June 17, 2021
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NSUI urges Nagaland CM to promote students across Universities & Colleges of Nagaland

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Dimapur, June 24: The National Students Union of India (NSUI) has urged Nagaland Chief Minister to promote students across Universities and Colleges of Nagaland and waive fees for the present enrolled students.
In a letter to the Chief Minister, the NSUI stated that students are facing extreme uncertainties and mental pressure due to lockdown as they don’t know the present status of their classes and examinations.
The Union stated during an online survey conducted by them, they found that a large number of students pressed for the demand that the University administration culminates the present semester on the present month of June 2020 itself and continues with the subsequent semester at the earliest once lockdown measures have been removed.
It said the present experimentation with online classes has not been successful across Nagaland as students belonging to interior rural areas are facing difficulty with connectivity making online classes and scope of online examinations a luxury available to only few.
Any conduction of physical examination in the present climate would risk the increase chance of community infection, it said.
Stating that hostel facilities across the Universities of Nagaland have been transformed into “Quarantine Centers”, the Union said making students come back and reside in such quarantine zones at times when the pandemic continues put their lives in extreme danger. Therefore, it requested the Chief Minister to consider the option of compulsory promotion of students in 1st and 2nd year to their subsequent semesters and also consider that the final year students should be allowed to graduate based on the performance in previous years with an additional 10% marks.
The NSUI mentioned that the students across the spectrum are under acute financial distress due to lockdown, adding most students are dependent on their families for source of income or have taken out educational loan to fund their education.
It further stated that Universities across Nagaland have been on a lockdown for past 2 months and continuing, while most of the present semester, education has not taken on campus facilities for which such fees is charged.
The Union mentioned that students have come to them stating that if no fees waiver is provided, they have to drop out of their higher education to look for manual jobs in-order to sustain themselves and their families.
The NSUI, therefore urged the Chief Minister to waive their fees under financial packages provided by the Central Government and also waive off interest on education loans for at least 6 months while providing an extra 6 months to the start of repayment date of such students so that such loans by lending institutions don’t turn into NPAs. (Page News Service)