Sunday, March 7, 2021
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NSUI Nagaland seeks Govt aid for private school teachers


Dimapur, May 19: The NSUI Nagaland has appealed to the Government of Nagaland to come to the aid of private school/college teachers who are getting salary below Rs 10000 with an upfront of Rs 5000 as one-time payment to meet the exigencies arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In a press release, the State NSUI opined that taking into account the plight of most of the private school/college teachers who gets paid a meagre salary of Rs 5000-10000 per month; it will be unjust to demand the waiving of school/college fees.
However, NSUI suggested that superfluous expenditures maybe cut and the same be refunded to the students.
“On doing case study of the fee structure of various schools/colleges, it has been found that several institutions are heavily burdening the parents with amount ranging from Rs. 200-1000 being charged under various heads. Also, keeping in mind that social gathering needs to be avoided and precautions needed to be taken throughout the year, it is our suggestion that activities such as annual sports, teachers day, parents day, childrens day, freshers/parting social, retreats, study tour/exposure trip etc maybe be cancelled and the amount for the same be adjusted with the school/college fees. Other expenditures such as laboratory fee, computer fee, library fee, ANPSA charges, welfare fund, school/college development/maintenance fee may also be curbed and adjusted with the school/college fees,” it suggested.
Considering the job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the plight of parents unable to make both ends meet, especially the daily wage earners, the release requested the school/college authority not to pressurize such parents to pay fees on time. “Instead try to identify such parents and strategize ways such as extending the deadline or paying the fees in installment basis till such time they’re able to pay in full.”
On the adoption of online classes by most institutions in view of the closure of schools and colleges, the union pointed out a huge underlying problem due to poor network connectivity. It therefore urged the network service providers to provide seamless internet connectivity at least during the lockdown period to ensure that online classes are not disrupted at any cost.
For the middle and primary classes and those from least privileged background, in case online classes are not a viable option, the NSUI suggested the school authority to ensure that hard copies of study materials are prepared and made available at very reasonable rates. “The teacher may prepare the notes and submit it to the school once a week which in turn can be collected by the parents,” it suggested.
Expressing concern over the academic career of thousands of students that is in jeopardy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the union, however, lauded all the teachers who even during this period have been relentlessly engaged in imparting knowledge through various means.
“Desperate times like this call for us to adopt innovative ways to mitigate the problems,” it stated.
The NSUI also applauded the frontline workers for their selfless sacrifice in the fight against the deadly virus. Appealing to all citizens to stay indoors and practice social distancing, the NSUI further appealed to all students not to spend their time in leisure but instead use the lockdown period to enhance their knowledge. (Page News Service)