Monday, May 27, 2024

NSUG urges Nagaland CM to arrange transportation for stranded Naga citizens in Gujarat

Dimapur, May 28: The Naga Students Union Gujarat (NSUG) has reminded Nagaland Chief Minister that there are over 1200 stranded Naga citizens in Gujarat and are facing unprecedented issues and challenges with every passing day.
In a letter to the Chief Minister, the Union urged for arrangements of transportation of stranded Nagas in Gujarat. It said Naga people are in constant fear of getting evicted while landlords are enforcing the Nagas to leave and go to their respective states.
The NSUG stated that they have requested the landlords for extension but it has reached a point where the extension period that they requested have already passed.
Stating that the stranded people would be facing more problems with the arrival of a new month, the NSUG brought to the notice of the Chief Minister that all other Northeastern states left Gujarat.
It informed that train for Agartala, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh left from Ahmedabad on May 25. Now, only Nagaland is left.
“Those who were staying jointly with people from other North Eastern states would be under pressure to either pay rent or vacate. Now that most of the North Eastern states has started to leave, the brothers and sisters in Gujarat are getting very impatient and distressed,” it stated.
The Union also stated that they have been working as frontlines for the stranded citizens outside Nagaland, leaving aside their own safety and are exposed to more dangers everyday trying to help the stranded brothers and sisters from Nagaland.
The Union appealed to the Chief Minister to speed up the process, provide them with proper information and respond to their queries at the earliest or else they might see a huge catastrophe for the stranded people in future days. (Page News Service)