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NSSB Chairperson should have no past history of corruption: NPP


DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 10: The Nagaland State unit of National People’s Party (NPP) has pushed for appointment of people with no past history of corruption as the Chairperson and members of the Nagaland Staff Selection Board (NSSB).

“At this juncture, it should be an honest endeavor of the State Government to ensure that only people with no past history of corruption should be appointed as the Chairperson and members of the NSSB. Especially the person heading the SSB should be a person of upright character and efficient in handling such high office without any bias or nepotism,” said a State NPP statement.
Lauding the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) for pressurizing the State Government to constitute the NSSB, the NPP said the Government had notified that the NSSB will function as per the NSSB Regulations 2020 and that all direct recruitment of Group-C posts presently recruited by the Departmental Recruitment Board as per DP&AR’s office memorandum dated 26th October 2017 would be recruited through the NSSB after it officially becomes functional.
However, NPP maintained that the proper constitution and functioning of the NSSB will largely depend on the honesty and integrity of the State Government and its top functionaries especially the DP&AR. “The NSSB should not be the proverbial old wine in a new bottle if corruption has to be curtailed. If the constitution of the NSSB is done in an autocratic and bias manner in favor of a particular tribe or community, it would become just another tool in the hands of few corrupt individuals to further their corrupt goals of nepotism and favoritism,” it said.
The State NPP also called upon right thinking citizens to be watchful and check any irregularity in the constitution and appointment of corrupt individuals in the NSSB.
‘Indo-Naga Issue’
Also calling upon the State Government to be more proactive towards an early solution to the vexed Indo-Naga political issue, the party urged the Government not to take the citizens of Nagaland for a ride by making the Naga political problem as an election agenda only but endeavor to give priority to the peace process without inclining towards partisan politics for ill gotten motives and to have more consultative meetings with all stakeholders.
“Has the idea which professes ‘Change is Coming’ today become ‘Chance is Coming’ only for few individuals which has led to the gain or opportunity for them alone? If it is so, this must be altered for inclusive development of all and sundry,” it said.
‘Road Vs Airport’
Voicing concern over the snail paced development of roads in Nagaland, which it attributed to corrupt practices of those involved including the State Government, the NPP termed as unfortunate that the Government of the day is busy trying to appease the Central Government for the construction of an airport in the State capital instead of putting funds together for development of roads across the State.
“What good will an airport built by emptying the state exchequer serve for the common people? In fact only a meagre and negligible percentage of the State’s population enjoys the luxury of travelling on an airplane. Majority of our people travel only on roads, not even on trains!” it reasoned.

Asking the State Government to open its eyes and prioritize development of essential services, instead of delving on unrealistic and unnecessary luxuries which will benefit only a fistful of privileged class of individuals and not the majority section of population, the NPP further said development should not be concentrated within the State capital only.
“Let us not forget that our State is not limited to the boundaries of the State Capital alone but we have all together 12 districts and each district should be uplifted by providing equal opportunities for development if Nagaland has to progress along with the rest of the nation,” it added.
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