Friday, September 17, 2021

NSS officers trained on ethics and value for public governance

Dimapur, February 29: Training on ethics and value for public Governance for NSS officers was held at Administrative Training Institute Kohima on February 27.
Giving an overview of the training, Human Resource Consultant, Trainer and Coach, Kiran Gandhi said that leadership starts with knowing oneself at a deeper level. He said that the program aims at reconciliation, different values and developing a shared perspective for a fair and just society where each person is value and treated with dignity and not as a tool for the fulfillment of our purposes.
Kiran said that we all need to focus on the idea that to be effective in bringing change to any situation outside, change must begin with ourselves first and added that an Honest look at our own motives and behavior is often the start of our own transformation.
He said the program aims to strengths the moral foundation of the society by bringing a healing touch and reconciliation where there is conflict and also to empower leadership to act with integrity and serve unselfishly to bring effective change required for the best interest of the society.
Niketu Iralu, speaking on ‘Challenges and Opportunities’ said that the way the bureaucracy handled its daily challenges and opportunities was consequential to the future of the society. He stated that the challenges faced by the Nagas are part of the challenges faced by mankind worldwide and pointed out various challenges like survival of Democracy and Rule of Law, Climate Change and the socio-economic and political challenges which required utmost concern and attention.
Keynote address was delivered by Commissioner and Secretary, P&AR, Dinesh Kumar IAS. He stated that the training programme was unique, interactive and very relevant. He stated that Ethics was simply what an individual should be and emphasized on the importance of parental guidance in imparting the values of Ethics to a child. He stated that these types of programmes are necessary and important reminder of the Ethical Values from which an individual may have drifted from. He stressed on the importance of Ethics for good governance.
The resource persons for the programme are from the Initiative of Change. Initiative of Change is a diverse global network with a vision of a just, peaceful and sustainable world to which everyone makes their unique contribution. The partnership with the Initiative of Change and the Government of Nagaland through the Administrative Training Institute was initiated by the present Chief Secretary Temjen Toy IAS.
Altogether 27 NSS officers are attending the training programme. (Page News Service)