NSO (Myanmar) seeks international community’s intervention in Myanmar


The history and the existence of the Nagas in present conflict area(Konyak region) in particular and the Nagas in general is much much older than any other “force”, government, movement or so called mighty nations. Nagas never occupied/ snatched from someone else and we are the sole-owner of our land upto the “roof of south east Asia” which has been blessed through our forefathers.
It is very unfortunate to learn that there are still some people/nation who thinks that the region as such is ‘no man’s land’ which is totally against the nature of the historical land rights of the indigenous Naga people.
The Burmese Army who are suppose to be the defender and protector of the public on 30th August 1985 for the first time set fire on three villages(Chen Hoyat, Nyanching and Throilo) and burnt down to ashes for the reason they know. Since then, the consecutive burning down of the villages continued.In 1983, 1992 and on 23rd October 2000 the attacked and mercilessly killing innocent people happened for the last time.
To our utter surprise on the other hand, the Indian army and authority from Mon District had entered beyond the so called International boundary and burnt down the same village for the first time on 20 January 1981, 2nd time on 12 August 1982, and the 3rd time on February 20th 1988 consecutively.
Since then and till today Nagas living in the particular region lived a life of uncertainty all over; made to feel like mouse in the hands of cat. Peace has nowhere to be found, even in our own kitchen.
During the junta regime in Burma, outside intervention was strictly barred, even the UN or international rights groups were also prohibited to interven,saying “we don’t need outsider to deal with our kitchen /domestic problem”.
Now, there were some six and seven years where some rays of hope as the dawning Democracy in the country.
But looking at the present situation, it’s quite contrary to learn the fact that Myanmares Army is being blessed by their Indian counterpart with some rice and potatoe bags as complimentary for dismantling own kitchen successfully. Now, innocent people are forced to carry loads without paying even a penny.
Almost three months now, the region witnesses the repetition of those bitter days where innocent people are not able to move out freely from the village because bombing in public area, and blank firing around when they fail to find that they are looking for!
The Naga people also saddened by the nature of NLD government in Myanmar that turned deaf ear and blind eyes even against such rain-like situations.
With much hope, Naga Students’ Organization on her first visit to Khamti on 25th September 2015 submitted a memorandum to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, telling her to “Remember Nagas when your kingdom comes” and the same was also reminded on 6th March 2019 at Lahe town when she last visited the initial part of present conflict.However, everything seems going down to bottomless pit at this moment of dark hour.
In recent few years, we can see India-Myanmar friendship stronger for the reason best known to them. But if this weather Friendship is an injury for the wounded Naga Public again, what’s the logic?
Rich India is sponsoring 5 million US Dollar per year which is in the name of Nagas also almost goes to the mainland and only operation battalion will reach our area. People there are always targeted and use area as battle field or burial place. If India-Myanmar friendship is mean for destruction of our kitchen, what more thing shall we expect from these two nations?
In the light of above briefings, Naga Students’ Organization on behalf of suffering Nagas urge upon India, Myanmar and the present warring parties to measure us with good sense and not always judge with negative perspectives. And if we are too far away for you to reach out with developments, leave us alone peacefully as we have been for several decades. “We may look beastly but we are peaceful peaceful people in nature.
Please stop lifting whips upon innocent people and abstain from using public as human shelter. We never disturbed your business also we expect the same. All innocent publics are fate up of your hide and seek games. Stop business on expenses of innocent people’s lives. We want to see join development and not join operations.
Last but not the least, Since India and Myanmar turned insensitive to the cry of human rights victim, Naga Students’ Organization (Myanmar) at this juncture seeks international community and international rights groups for immediate intervention.
T. Mankhat Konyak
Naga Students’ Organization (Myanmar)
HQ. Khamti

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